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May Missionaries Arrive

We received 11 missionaries on Monday May 25, 2015,  all from Latin American Countries.  Four Sisters arrived along with seven Elders.  So happy all arrived safe and happy.  There first day was an orientation and the afternoon was spent with more experienced missionaries out contacting.  It was a great experience for them all.   After a … Continue reading

Missionaries Arrive at the End of their Mission in April

We have very strong missionaries finishing their mission. All have served faithfully. These hermanas have all served as sister leader trainers and given much strength to our sizeable group of sisters. These Elders have brought strength to the mission as well. The joy comes in watching the growth that takes place in 18 months or … Continue reading

April Arrivals 2015

The Mexico Monterrey West Mission received 3 new missionaries on April 13th. Two Elders from the United States and one Sister from Mexico City all arriving from the Mission Training Center in Mexico City. It is the smallest group since July 2012. We are very impressed with their preparation and excitement to serve and look … Continue reading

Valient Missionaries of the 2015 March Generation

We had a very enjoyable evening with these great missionaries the last night of their missions. They have been so valuable to the work here in Monterrey and they will be greatly missed by not only the many members and converts but by there fellow missionaries. We wish them all the very best in their … Continue reading

March Madness

One could often describe the office “Madness” when changes roll around. Missionaries arrive on Mondays, and often times at all hours of the day. For example we had 4 different arrival times for our missionaries on this particular Monday. We eat, take pictures, write home, receive an orientation to our mission, go out and contact … Continue reading

Despedidos de Enero

The 2015 January generation have all served as strong leaders in our mission. They will be missed and have affected the lives of many here, not only missionaries but converts and members whom they have supported in their quest to become more like Christ. Elder Biggs and Elder Keenan left about 10 days ahead of … Continue reading

Our January Arrivals

Our great Assistants were there to greet our 7 missionaries that arrived from the CCM in Mexico City this week. Five from the United States, one from Guatemala and one from the state of Guerrero here in Mexico. One Elder from the United States was having some difficulties with the visa so he will be … Continue reading

Christmas Present for Families 2014

We as a mission received a present of missionaries in December, but some families receiving their missionaries home after 18 or 24 months of service will be happy this year as well with this special Christmas gift. We had time for one last trip to the Temple before our evening together. It was a first … Continue reading

Christmas Present- New Missionaries!

A first, for Mision Monterrey Oeste, we received all of the missionaries in one flight, all 17. They were all trained at the CCM (Spanish for MTC) in Mexico City. With such an early arrival, we were able to give them the training they needed and get them to their areas in one day. It … Continue reading

October Salidas

Saying good-bye to these young men and women is always emotional, tender feelings of love, pride, and achievement are mixed with loss and change on the part of us who are staying here. Those leaving are excited and a little afraid of all that awaits them. The anticipation and joy of seeing those they love … Continue reading