October Salidas

Saying good-bye to these young men and women is always emotional, tender feelings of love, pride, and achievement are mixed with loss and change on the part of us who are staying here. Those leaving are excited and a little afraid of all that awaits them. The anticipation and joy of seeing those they love … Continue reading

October 2014 Arrivals

In this change we received three Latin Missionaries, including our first from Spain. The Bulk of the missionaries came from the United States in October. The following are pictures of the the new missionaries and their trainers. The day they receive their assignment and training is always filled with anticipation and excitement. </a

September Salidas 2014

This was a fine group of missionaries who gave their all in this marvelous work. We are very grateful for their service and the examples they have given to other missionaries still serving here. We pray for their success as they go back to their homes and start their lives.

September Arrivals 2014

Never before have we received so many missionaries at one time. We received 15 Latin missionaries and 12 american missionaries. It was quite the experience to make preparations for all of the missionaries with opening new houses, choosing who would be the trainers, and setting up the rooms for orientation. We are very excited for … Continue reading

August Arrivals 2014

We have been waiting for this group of missionaries to come and when they came they brought a lot of energy with them. We are grateful to see the excitement of this next generation of missionaries and we hope to see them add to the spirit of the missionary work.

June Arrivals 2014

Here come the new missionaries of June 2014! All of the new missionaries are receiving some of the finest missionaries that we have in the mission to be their trainers for the first months of their mission. All of them will learn the importance of obedience and will be able to see the blessings that … Continue reading

May Missionaries 2014

Welcome to the greatest mission in the world! For the next two years these new missionaries will learn all of the skills that they will need to become tools in the hands of our lord. There will be many trials and difficulties, but as D&C 58:4 says “For after much tribulation come the blessings…´´ Remember … Continue reading

April Farewells 2014

Thanks so much to all of these dedicated missionaries who have helped this mission grow with all of their experiences. The lord will bless each and every one of them for all of the service and love they have given these past two years.

April Arrivals 2014

This transfer we were able to receive 16 more missionaries to help us in the service of the lord. All arrived safely and with all of their suitcases ready to go out into the mission field and bring souls unto Christ. The field is white and ready to harvest and with these new missionaries we … Continue reading

February Arrivals

This transfer we received a large group of 24 missionaries! With such a large group of missionaries we can see how the lord is hastening his work in our mission.