Christmas Present- New Missionaries!

A first, for Mision Monterrey Oeste, we received all of the missionaries in one flight, all 17. They were all trained at the CCM (Spanish for MTC) in Mexico City. With such an early arrival, we were able to give them the training they needed and get them to their areas in one day. It did make for a long day for them as they were up at about 1 a.m. to get ready, travel to the airport and arrive in Monterrey by 7:45 a.m. but it all worked out and we did have very tired missionaries by night fall. You will notice our Christmas tree covered with missionary ornaments.
2014DecChange 024

2014DecChange 022

2014DecChange 021

2014DecChange 020

2014DecChange 019

2014DecChange 018

2014DecChange 017

2014DecChange 016

2014DecChange 015

2014DecChange 014

2014DecChange 013

2014DecChange 012

2014DecChange 011

2014DecChange 010

2014DecChange 009

2014DecChange 008

2014DecChange 007

One Response to “Christmas Present- New Missionaries!”
  1. Victor Aguilar says:

    Muchas Felicidades HERMANA LAGOS. ya se encuentra en el campo Misional Le deseo Mucho Éxito ya que esta Cumpliendo Su Sueño.

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