October 2014 Arrivals

In this change we received three Latin Missionaries, including our first from Spain. The Bulk of the missionaries came from the United States in October. The following are pictures of the the new missionaries and their trainers. The day they receive their assignment and training is always filled with anticipation and excitement.
2014-10 Change 095</a

2014-10 Change 094

2014-10 Change 108

2014-10 Change 107

2014-10 Change 106

2014-10 Change 105

2014-10 Change 104

2014-10 Change 103

2014-10 Change 102

2014-10 Change 101

2014-10 Change 100

2014-10 Change 099

2014-10 Change 098

2014-10 Change 097

2014-10 Change 096

2 Responses to “October 2014 Arrivals”
  1. Cathrie Long says:

    Could we please see a picture of Elder Dave Long with his new trainer? I think he was left off the pictures. We would love to see this picture.

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