Elder Oaks Visit

Elder Oaks, his wife Kristen, Elder De Hoyos and his wife Evelia held a special meeting with the missionaries in the Mexico Monterrey West Mission. The missionaries came prepared to here the messages presented. A men’s choir sang “Brightly Beams our Father´s Mercy” After which Elder Oaks spoke of the truths contained in the song. The lighthouse being Christ but the distance and the location are viewed better locating the lights along the shore, meaning the lights we as disciples of Christ carry with us through our examples and testimonies. The messages were inspiring and informative.
That afternoon Elder Oaks, Elder Craig Christensen, Elder De Hoyos and Bishop Dean Davies, from the Presiding Bishopric instructed the Priesthood Leaders of the Saltillo and Monterrey West missions. At the same time a meeting for the leaders of the women’s auxilaries were taught by the wives of these men. The following morning these General Authorities presided over meetings in the Roma Stake, Anahuac Stake, Mitras Stake and Stake in Saltillo as well.

Dean Davies

dnews ga benjamin de hoyos

Craig C Christensen and Debbie

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