Monterrey Mexico Mission Splits


Leadership Training before the division.

Leadership Training before the division.

Splits in the mission field often are when the missionaries go on exchanges with the district leaders or zone leaders. It is a time when training and inspired learning takes place as they work together.
The split in a mission is altogether different. It is a time to celebrate because it is a sign of real growth. Before the end of June the mission took in half of the City of Monterrey (about 4 million people live in Monterrey) and most of the State of Coahuila. Coahuila is a large state so traveling from one end of the mission to the other would take 8-9 hours. When the mission was divided the mission included 210 young missionaries, 12 Stakes and two Districts. After the division each mission had 105-110 missionaries (slight increase from the East Mission realignment) The Monterrey West Mission now includes six stakes and one District Linares which was added from the East Mission. The Saltillo Mission retained the two districts previously a part of the Monterrey West Mission along with six of the stakes residing in Coahuila.
The changes and assignments were made with much prayer and some emotion. We have seen the Lord’s hand in the assignments made. Although we have very limited contact with the Saltillo Mission now we had a love for the missionaries there. President and Sister Rodriguez were prepared for this mission at this time. They have talents, knowledge and much love to share not only with the missionaries they serve, but with the people of Coahuila.
In our July transfer on the 22nd, we received 23 new missionaries and opened eleven new areas. Yes, we are growing.


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