January Departures and Arrivals

Our January missionaries left for home on the 30th of January.  We had 10 finish their mission in January.  Ten are pictured. Two missionaries left a week or two early to be back in time for school.  They are pictured separately.  Also one of the eight stayed for about 3 weeks to be here to go to the temple with converts who had prepared to go to the temple.  Missionaries who are able to see the progress of investigators who they have taught finally receive their temple blessings is a gift all missionaries hope for.


Returned to Utah to school.


Young man on left headed back to New Jersey to begin school in January.


We will miss these elders. Many of the missionaries and members here have grown to love them for their example and love.

Our mission was to receive 16 new missionaries in January but four arrived.  The problems have been visa problems.  The Mexican Government has had changes in their requirements and various communication problems have cause problems everywhere in the world for the Missionaries coming to Mexico.  The four from Mexico were the only ones who came.  We were disappointed in the numbers but not in the quality of the missionaries.


Our missionaries from Mexico City

Today, March 5th, the North American Missionaries arrived.  Six young men who had served in Texas and Utah for the last month while awaiting visas  landed.  We still await many from South America, Caribbean, and Central America.


Included with the six new North American Missionaries are our two Assistants.



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