Comings and Goings

August Missionaries from the Provo MTC

Our first new missionary received from the Provo MTC two days after we got here.

Our first two to depart from the mission.

August brought missionaries ready to work.

Returned home in August too.

Every six weeks we have transfers.  In Spanish we call them cambios.  Not only are there changes within the mission where missionaries are moved to different areas to serve but new missionaries are received from various Latin MTC’s, Mexico City and Provo MTC’s.  They are welcomed and receive an orientation/training.  Within this three-day period we celebrate a mission well-served with those returning to their homes after two years for the elders and 18 months for the sisters.  All connected to these events are very busy and the days are filled with emotions.  The new missionaries come filled with anticipation and a little anxious to have so many unknowns ahead of them.  The missionaries returning home are excited to see their families and friends but they too are often a little anxious about things that seem to have changed while they were away including themselves.  They also are a little sad to leave the people they have served and have grown to love the last two years and know that they might not see them again in this life.  We, President Swapp and I are also are reluctant to see the smiles and bright eyes of the missionaries we have served and loved leave us but our hearts are filled with hope for their potential and great futures they have in store.   With God, nothing is impossible and that is something they all learn while here on their mission.

New in September

New Missionaries in September from Provo

Love the new missionaries!

New in September

Warm friendships are forged forever.

One Response to “Comings and Goings”
  1. David Chevoievsky From Argentina! says:

    Incredible idea to create a blog of the best mission in the world!
    I was watching the pictures of my friends and I had desires to come back but now all is different 😦 ! I miss to live as a missionary of the true church but I undestand that time is gone and now I have to continue with my new life, working, acommplishing with my calling in the church and helping to the others!
    thanks a bunch for everything!


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